Should Luigi's Down Special be replaced by the Poltergust 3000?

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In Brawl, Mario's Down Special was replaced with FLUDD.

I was thinking of the same thing for Luigi, where he uses his trusty vacuum to suck up opponents and ghosts and shoots them back out, similar to Kirby and Dedede's Inhale move (sucking up food equals damage recovery, sucking up explosives equal damage for Luigi, etc.) but there's a twist, if Luigi sucks up a fire related item/attack like a Fire Flower the vacuum would spew fire and if Luigi sucks up anything ice related, he'd spray ice ala Luigi's Mansion.

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That's a good idea, but the problem is, Luigi would be lacking in recovery again.

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I mean, his down B (the Luigi tornado) is an excellent recovery move. Outside of that, Luigi's recovery sucks.


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Well Luigi Cyclone only really helps if he has momentum from his Double Jump. =P

I was kind of thinking of a way to have Luigi's Poltergust 3000 as a recovery, maybe as a Z-Air or something?
Or he could aim it in a certain direction and he'd go opposite of the direction. :p


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No! Green Tornado is half the reason I play as Luigi instead of Mario.
The other half is Green Missile. :luigi: And the third half is the Trippin' Balls Ball.


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Heck no, one of the best things about Brawl is the fact that they arn't clones of each other anymore

Besides if you havn't notice.. wii's ssb was based on their GC abilities.. so wii u/3ds would be their newfound wii abilities?


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Hell no, F.L.U.D.D. is a shitty move as it is, it doesn't need to transfer to Luigi too. I support the Final Smash idea, just give him the vacuum that can suck up other players for damage (i mean that you give them damage while recovering your own), that would be great.


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It would make a good final smash, if he shot out like a bunch of ghosts or he sucks you up then shoots you out off screen.


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final smash only, as Luigi's down special is very useful whether its recovering with momentum, doing damage to rollers, or making another approach. It's a really useful move and I'd rather not see it be removed.