Boidoh's View on SMB3: Not Bad!


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As you may or may-not know, I got SMB3 on the VC a few days ago and I am a *cough*knownhater*cough* not-so-much-liker of the game. So here I just want to say some things I found cool and awesome about it...

1.) Snow Levels - They... Rock! Better than the NSMB series snow levels. I just wished there were more.

2.) Co-Op Mario Bros. Thing - Its the only thing my sister likes about this game. That item stealing thingy with the Mario-Bros. Themed level thing. Its so fun and cool and what-not.

3.) Warp Whistle - When I am at the few last levels of a world and don't want to restart I keep the only 3 at hand and stuff.

I dont know why I started this thread. I just want to point this out. You can continue to talk about SMB3 if you want.

P.S Its not really hard IMO. SMB3 is not a hard game IMO. Its just... Not... Isnt hard... THE END.

*cough*lies*cough* I cant say how much I love the two player thingy.
You hated a game without playing it?
What, it was too good for you I guess?
...WHY IS IT I CANT HATE ANYTHING WITHOUT PLAYING IT? Also I played the GBA version but the ROM didn't have sound... Also it does'nt mean its the best game ever for me, I am just praising the multi-player (which wasnt in the GBA version)...
What I'm wondering is what you could possibly hate about a game you haven't played.
I base my judgements on thousand of videos I watch (exageration)... When I get the game its like I know everything about it and what to expect. The only reason I bought SMB3 was that I need a NES game to buy and SMB1 was too... empty.... and I wanted to beat SMB3 without save states..
Funny. I rather be playing the game than watching a video of it.
SMB3 was my favourite game out of the old ones, I have it on virtual console i just love it! Although never made it to the end of world eight.
If there's anybody on this blue earth who's views on SMB3 are "yes bad" I'd like to meet them! :mario:
Boidoh said:

Because not liking it when you haven't played it or judging a game based on videos especially popular ones like SMB3 makes it seem like the only reason you hate it because everyone else loves it. It's complaining about games/shows/etc that you don't play/watch/etc at it's very core
Okay, so you used to hate SMB3 because it's too popular, now you like it because you played it.

Seems legit.
I honestly think SMB3 is incredibly overrated. I'm in no way saying it's a bad game, but I just think it's not as great as people say it is. I'm one of those people who finds Super Mario World to be the best 2D Mario side-scroller.
Red Barchetta said:
I honestly think SMB3 is incredibly overrated. I'm in no way saying it's a bad game, but I just think it's not as great as people say it is.
Pretty much this. IMO, it's an 8/10 game, not 10/10.
I don't think Super Mario Bros. 3 deserves to have so much elements in its games today. We have THREE (Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. 2) freaking recent games that mostly uses nostalgia from that game. THREE. Forget Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 is the only Super Mario platformer in existence!

In my opinion, Super Mario Bros. 2>Super Mario World>Super Mario Bros. 3. I am in no way implying that Super Mario Bros. 3 is bad in any way, it just gets too much love and too much references.
Boidoh said:
You said SMB2 twice there...

I know that :rolleyes:

I also know that New Super Mario Bros U would have Super Mario World elements's about time. But I was wanting a Super Mario Bros. 2-like game. Nintendo really loves to ignore it.
I'd like to point out that only the Koopalings and the raccoon tail were taken from that game.
I take back what I said about the difficulty. But the only hard parts were the hard as hell bowsers forces and what not. The levels were easy and the castle was confusing until I found out there was ANOTHER door. Those raccoon leaves made bowser castle easy. World eight is hard until you find out what to do or p wing over the levels. Also after I heated the game i started a one player game and after I got the first warp whistle my inventory was full with p wings.