Most wanted upcoming Mario Game (as of September 1, 2012)

Which upcoming Mario game are you most interested in?

  • Super Smash Bros. (3DS)

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Yoshi K

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This poll will last 2 months, what upcoming Mario game do you want the most? For me it's Sticker Star. ;D
Out of the choices it's gotta be SSB4 for the Wii U. Though that's not really a pure Mario game.

I think I'll definitely be getting the other 3 though. I hope to own all those mentioned in the poll
Luigi's Mansion
I will buy SSB4 for Wii U but since we have no image or trailer about it, it is New Super Mario Bros U I want the most for the moment.
Super Smash Bros. Sticker Star looks neat too, but honestly, the other two don't really interest me that much.

I'll likely end up with everything on the poll, though.
Sticker Star and U.

Like Smasher the other two don't interest me much but I'll end up with buying both of them.
The new PM is the sole reason why I bought a 3DS, so that's my most wanted one out of the bunch. NSMBU is my second most wanted one, since it happens to be a follow-up to the best installment of the NSMB series.

LM:DM looks plain uninteresting, and I'll need to see actual footage of SSBU/3DS before I hype it.
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

The original was awesome and I've been waiting for it's sequel. I would choose Smash, but there isn't really any info on it.

Not counting Mario games, probably Pikmin 3!