Super Smash Bros Memories?


Donkey Kong
With Nintendo remaining tight-lipped over… well… pretty much everything, people are relying on the ol’ Rumour Mill to get their fill of information – whether it holds true or not.

The latest piece comes from an anonymous email posted on Zelda Informer. The email states that the 3DS version of Nintendo’s hugely anticipated Smash Bros. iteration will be called ‘Super Smash Bros. Memories’, and will focus on a more retro experience. According to the article, “the characters for Memories mentioned include Donkey Kong Jr., Ridley, Pac-Man, Takamaru, Mach Rider, Dig-Dug, and Stanley the Bug Man.”

No word as yet on what that means for the Wii U’s home console release other than it supposedly having a more “modern” focus. However Nintendo did mention at E3 2011 that they were looking to have both games be part of a shared existence – meaning there will presumably be some sort of cross-functionality and interplay.

What say you on the matter – does this rumour tickle your Smash Ball or get you a little ground pounded?


Dry Bowser
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Since it's an anonymous rumor, it's probably bullshit, but if it WERE true, I like the idea of Super Smash Bros. going retro, and I like choices such as Donkey Kong Jr., Ridley, and Takamaru. Stanley also seems like an interesting choice that I'd like, same goes for Mach Rider. Pac-Man and Dig-Dug only seem to be there because Namco-Bandai is working with Nintendo to make these games, though...

The article didn't say anything about a Wii U version, so perhaps there might be exclusive characters for each version... Sakurai DID mention connectivity between versions, so perhaps it's possible to play as characters from the different versions though said connectivity...


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Ray Trace
New Super Mario said:
supermariofan said:
I hope they add the Duck Hunt Dog
That'd be horrible. He would have no moveset.
Yes he would

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Sounds like bullshit to me.

If this is true, though, I probably won't get the 3DS version because I will not enjoy playing as shit characters (with the obvious exception of Ridley)