Your Mario collection !

I have Mario plushes of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Goomba, DK, Diddy, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Koopa Troopa, and Buzzy Beetle. And figurines of a Mushroom, Mario, Luigi, Toad, DK, and Yoshi.

I was supposed to get a Spiny instead of a Buzzy Beetle but the person on ebay sent the wrong thing.
SKmarioman said:

Last post was several months ago.

La Marionette said:
Cool, I thought I saw that in Amazon.

Me, I have these Mario items (if I have two or more of the items, it means that some of them are older and different than the other):

*Two Mario plushies
*Fire Mario plushie
*Two Luigi plushies
*Fire Luigi plushie
*Three Green Yoshi plushies
*Pink Yoshi plushie
*Hammer Bro. plushie
*Shy Guy plushie
*Koopa Troopa plushie
*Paratroopa plushie
*Toadette plushie
*Two Toad plushies
*Blue Toad plushie
*Dry Bones plushie
*Baby Mario plushie
*Baby Luigi plushie
*Baby Peach plushie
*Bowser Jr. plushie
*Bowser plushie
*Two Wario plushies
*Peach Plushie
*Donkey Kong bean bag toy
*Diddy Kong bean bag toy
*Mumbo Jumbo bean bag toy
*Banjo and Kazooie bean bag toy

*Three Mario figures (9'', 5'', 3'')
*Three Luigi figures (9'', 5'', 3'')
*Toad figure (5ish'')
*Two Yoshi figures (9'', 5'')
*Baby Luigi figure (3'')
*Peach figure
*Bowser figure

*Mario chess set

*Some few Mario shirts
*Mario plush blanket

Basically all I have except add Light Blue Yoshi plush. She also forgot some items on the list.

*Black Yoshi bean bag toy
*Yellow Yoshi bean bag toy
*Blue Yoshi bean bag toy
*Red Yoshi bean bag toy
*Baby Luigi bike key chain
*Toadette bike key chain
*Toad Cheep Charger key chain
*Baby Mario Cheep Charger key chain
*Baby Luigi stylus
*Baby Mario stylus
Impressive collection. I am...Insanely jealous.

I would post pics if A.) I had a camera, B.) had time to actually organize shit to get it together in one shot and C.) didnt fear of looking like a baby up against your collection.