The Next Mario and Luigi game


The Brave
Here you can tell me your ideas for a next Mario and Luigi game should they make one for either the 3DS or the DS someday and how it would play out. Here's some of my ideas.

1: You play as Mario and Luigi once again like in Superstar Saga and depending on which brother is front you can do many things. For example, when Luigi is in the back and he is on top of Mario, you can either throw Luigi to higher ledges, over gaps and over certain gates. You can also burrow to the ground like a drill provided you have obtained the hammers. Likewise, when Mario is on top of Luigi, you can Spin Jump as usual and you can also make Luigi jump to make Mario reach higher ledges that you can't reach with the throw. When on ground, Luigi can hit Mario with the hammer to make him mini but if Mario hits Luigi with the hammer, it has the effect similar to the bros. ball move from PiT game.

2: The battles are your usual Mario and Luigi fare. This time, there are Bros. Attacks and Attack Items from PiT in the same game. Also, there are many unusual ways of dodging attacks like burrowing underground and Throwing Luigi so that he can attack from behind.

More ideas should come later.
Wasn't there already a thread for this?

That was the last thread that was discussing about the next Mario & Luigi games in general