Young Link vs. Toon Link

Who's better?

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Donkey Kong
Who do you like better and which one should be in SSB4. Personally, I would like to see Young Link. I just want them to make him less of a clone.
I prefer Young Link.
Young Link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Toon Link
I love how you put a question mark next to Toon Link as if to say "Do you seriously want to pick him?".
As they are I'd prefer Toon Link because I think he means a lot more to the franchise (the Links of The Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, The Minish Cap, Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures all use the 'Toon Link' style), but I'd like Young Link to appear in SSB4 with his mask transformations from Majora's Mask which would make him into a completely different fighter rather than a clone.
I'm going to have to choose Toon Link here. Unlike Young Link, Toon Link bears a drastic difference in design in comparison to regular Link and I always did like his design for another point personally. Tatanga is also correct in the fact that Toon Link's design is a lot more notable to the series and represents the cell shaded or toon version of the series while regular Link represents the more realistic looking portion of the series.

The only problem I had with Toon Link in Brawl is his moveset. I really did wish that his moveset included more unique moves like the Deku Leaf and WindWaker baton as opposed to the generic Link moveset.
I went with Toon Link

Toon Link and Link are 2 different Links in the grand Timeline. Young Link and Link in Melee were both from the same game. I know that Young Link had Majora's Mask all to himself and he'd be ok if his moveset were made to make him different by bringing stuff from that. But I somehow doubt SSB4 would suddenly give that sort of rep to Majora's Mask out of the blue and take out Toon Link for it. Because Toon Link has more then just Wind Waker. And I believe Melee represented Ocarina of Time a whole lot more then it did Majora's Mask even back then. It just doesn't make as much sense placing 2 characters who are in the same exact timeline as just a younger and older self in a SSB game. At least with Toon Link it's representing another part of the Zelda series.

To put in perspective albeit I understand it's definitely not the exact same thing: Which would you rather have? Baby Mario or Paper Mario in SSB4?
I voted for Young Link

I like both, but Young Link is the person I like more.
Toon Link is better, overall. Plus, because of his looks, no one would ever think of him and Link being one in the same (which is never really the case).
None of them. They're both clones and need to be replaced by someone else OR getting their movesets completely redone. I guess if I had to use one I'd choose Toon Link, because he represents the cell-shaded games.
Honestly, I'm more for Toon Link. Toon Link is pretty much the current version of Young Link. I like his look, and he's been in a lot more games then Young Link.
So wait, is Toon Link a combination of Hero of Winds Link (Wind Waker series) and Force Link (Four Swords series)?
Magikrazy said:
So wait, is Toon Link a combination of Hero of Winds Link (Wind Waker series) and Force Link (Four Swords series)?
His design, anyway, even though they're technically different Links according to the timeline. Young Link appeared in, what, two games?