Have you ever been banned ??


Koopa Troopa
OK so i posted something and came on the brink of getting banned its weird cause im sharing stuff mario related weather it be a site of anything fun that relates to what this site says up there super Mario or maybe its because im not accustom to how forums run you guys have been here long give me some insight on what i should do

Errors I have mad : made a post about my website
posted a funny video with Mario and peach doing the do
sharing stuff :/
Well, I don't know. Do you think I've ever been banned?
kereme25 said:
posted a funny video with Mario and peach

which was extremely inappropriate. of course you got in trouble, no one wants to see that. >_>

also, I haven't been banned from anything before that wasn't a joke.
Smasher said:
kereme25 said:
posted a funny video with Mario and peach
also, I haven't been banned from anything before that wasn't a joke.

pretty much this, except I was banned once from #mariowiki a few years ago when I was being a dick to the ops (and mainly Uniju, who would be the one to ban me iirc; don't think I ever apologized to him about that, so sorry Uniju)
Not so far. But i got a warning telling me to stop starting flame wars in the first week I was on here. The week where I was a complete asshole.
I have not.
Sharing stuff about Mario on a Mario Forums, doesn't mean you're allowed to do that.
Advertising a website, with the goal to sell stuff, is most likely spam.

And also, my history of being Banned from any Forums, is 0%.
Nope, never been banned. I've gotten in trouble at times, but I feel I'm doing a lot better than I have been in the past. I plan on keeping it that way too.
banned for a week not long ago. Was a fun week, got a lot of Dangan Ronpa done in that time.
Only time I was ever banned for doing something against rules was for a week from #mwchat. It happened when I was really new to the community, so I did not know that you people joked more than you were serious. It also had something to do with flooding (something Crash reminded me about for a week ago. Still can't believe I hadn't learned my lesson) and spamming. Then I was banned from pretty much every IRC channel I frequent for 89 days, a ban that started the third of March this year to prevent me from going in there when I needed to study (wasn't actually my choice to begin with. My mum kind of forced me to do it. TBH it didn't feel that great, but it worked[?]).

Anyway, I have never been banned from the forums or the wiki, so yay for that.
^For what it's worth, you've improved excellently since then.
I've been banned from #mariowiki twice and from #paperchat... I think three times? but none on this forum.
On the wiki, I've been reminded thrice, two of which I actually deserved, but I've never been banned.
On chat, I was kicked for flooding, but I've never been banned.
On this forum, I've never been banned.
once i was warned by glowsquid for taking cutting room floor material and accidentally plagiarizing the partners in time beta elements page

but i don't think that counts, does it?

but i've never been banned.
Been banned here twice and on the chat 3-4 times, currently banned from there for how much I don't know.