Multiplayer: Competitive or Cooperative?


  • Competitive

    Votes: 17 54.8%
  • Cooperative

    Votes: 14 45.2%

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Master Crash

The Dragon of the West
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Pretty straight to the point topic, when playing online or offline, do you prefer competitive or cooperative play?

Pokemon DP

God I'm good at being an owl
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It all depends on the game, but I've noticed most of the multiplayer games I enjoy are usually some form of co-op. I'm really not interested in competitive Team Fortress 2.

Verbal Rhythm

Shine Sprite
I never did like competition. I find finishing/solving a hard level/puzzle with a friend more satisfying than "pwning n00bs."

Lily x

I prefer co-op. Not sure if it's to do with the fact I'm a bad loser or something but I just prefer it. I prefer team brawls on SSBB, coop on NSMBW, Team races on MK games, I also prefer Ligh v Dark over Free for all on KIU.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
I'm a big competitive guy, so that's the way I roll.

Yoshiwaker likes to co-op though. I'm not sure if that's because he likes it or because he's afraid to face his totally wicked awesome older brother Javelin.


Power Star
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Competitive, but I don't mind teaming with another of my competitors to destroy other competitors.


A price for everything.
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Per the soon-to-be-dead stuffed bear.


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Doesn't matter to me. Unless some asshole is trying to play competitively in a cooperative game, or some hippie is trying to play cooperatively in a competitive game.


King Bowser
It really depends on the game for me but I prefer Competitive a bit more. I don't like it when I lose because of a lousy teammate.

Ernest Fine

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Competetive, I guess. Though I enjoy both.


King Bowser
It's really hard to play cooperatively for me, because most the time when I play cooperatively I typically are more experienced at the game so I accidentally go ahead hoping the others will keep up with me, making the other players, say, die from the edge of the screen. I usually play online when I play any multiplayer, and most of those games only have a competitive mode (with the exception of S4E2, but the one time I did play online I we played through the first 4 levels and then got stuck on White Park Act 1 for the same reason I mentioned earlier).

So yeah, I prefer competitive.

Monobear said:
Competitive, but I don't mind teaming with another of my competitors to destroy other competitors.
^This as well, I don't have a problem with online MKW battles.


Donkey Kong
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I like both really, co-op is really fun on story mode games like fable 2 and borderlands 2.

Competitive scene is also nice for pokemon and other fighting games like tekken, guilty gear, and darkstalkers.

Although I don't have a competitive personality, it is nice to have a good challenge.

Soundless Voice

Star Spirit
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I like both too, actually.

Co-op is good for games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or other games, especially if you have to face a really annoying boss.

On the other hand, competitive mode/vs. mode is fun for Pokémon and games like that, or when you just want to jokingly screw your friends over in an epic battle.

Overall, I can't really pick a favorite.