What inspired YOUR username?


Wandering Shadow is a song I liked from Final Fantasy Legend (that's Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan). I needed a name, so I used that. The best part is that everywhere I go, it's available.
I used to like Stitch, but ever since the Pleakly/gay/crossdresser thing, I've been turned off to it.


Koopa Troopa
Weeeeeelll… it's a bit more than just Paratroopa and Yoshi… but still, heregoes: I was refered to as Technochocolate, the userbox master/the user who won't shut up/the user with two out of 500 useful contributes/ect. http://fanstuff.hrwiki.org/index.php/User:Techno/Old I decided I'd need a doppledanger of my custom character, Thomas, soo… I was playing Super Princess Peach at the time and I wondered if Perry was a human kid or another kind of species kid. I thought about a Yoshi… Perry Yoshi… I thought "wait, what about those Blue Shells that could make you fly in Super Mario World"… I thought of the dark blue Yoshi, but I don't like the dark blue Yoshi, so I chose the cyan Yoshi (which happends to be my favorite)… Para Yoshi… Hmm… I like Paratroopa, too… perfect name!

To sum it up:

Para = Perry/Flying
Yoshi = Cyan Yoshi/Blue Shell


Power Star
My friends call me "Smidde" because it sounds like my surname.
"Yo, ding dong, ding dong, yo, man, there ain't no darn L in Smidde, ding dong. Yo."
No, I submitted an image to SSBM.DetStar.com, and the admin credited me as "Smiddle". Smiddle sounds better and is easier to pronunce in English. But I still register as "Smidde" in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish sites.
3dejong said:
You're an Uncyclopedian?


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3dejong said:
NO. What made ya think that?

Is what users who are uncyclepidic and have problems have.....

oh, I see what made him think that, okay, Smiddle is correct.



Hammer Bro.
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Meh, I guess I could help get you guys back on topic, but it's more fun when people aren't... :twisted:

Explanation 1: I'm a stumper to figure out. No really, I don't know why I do half the things I do...

Explanation 2: It's not Mario related. No offense to all of the coolio people with Mario names in their names. :lol:

Explanation 3 (the original reason): Stumpers is a game series I was making on PowerPoint years ago, and it's a goal of mine to come out with the "true" sequal to the original... yup, I pulled a Super Mario Sunshine and didn't like the second game... and then got board and it is half done... so... Stumpers II? The true one? Hope it comes!


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3dejong said:
And WarioLoaf, same to you. Uncyclopedic. :P
i never said i wasn't.

ask anyone, I am a couple of things:

"SPAMMER" - to Paper Jorge
"GAY , PERV , FATBOY" - Knife
"...." - to Wayoshi
"Retarded" - to everyone on the SMW
"Mommy" - to Wario

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I knew that. It's Spanish.

Everyone who didn't know that must have their eternal soul fed to me.

And Jorge gets one soul, too, cause you know, it is his name.