Soundtrack Debate: Donkey Kong Country 3

Which one do you think is better?

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Because I'm a VG music nerd.

When the DKC Trilogy was ported to the GBA, the first 2 games got their music arranged to play on the GBA hardware. When DKC 3 got ported, it got a completely original soundtrack which resulted in a completely different aural experience.

*not doing embeds because it slows down my piece of crap computer

For example: Here's the SNES 'Stilt Village' tune. It's a fun, goofy-sounding tune, fitting of 2 monkeys bouncing on crocodiles' heads.

Compare to the GBA version. It's more in-line with the style the trilogy was was known for, with the ambient water noise and instrumentation.

For further comparison, here's the SNES playlist and here's the GBA playlist.

One thing of note is that the SNES version of 'Nuts and Bolts' sounds a bit like Led Zeppelin's Kashmir in places and the GBA version of 'Rockface Rumble' has bits and pieces of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama in it. The more you know.

Which one's better? My vote goes to the GBA version. Sure the version of 'Treetop Tumble' is kind of a dud in comparison with the SNES version, but w/e.