Video game merchandise you own besides games, consoles, and guide books.

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Myself, I have:

*Yoshi plushies
* A plushie of Mario wearing a Yoshi suit
* Kirby Plushie
* Mario UNO cards
* A lot of Pokemon plushies
* A Mario hat
* Baby Mario keychain
* Some Mario toys from McDonalds or Burger King
Joey Wheeler said:
Myself, I have:
* A plushie of Mario wearing a Yoshi suit

Cool, I thought I saw that in Amazon.

Me, I have these Mario items (if I have two or more of the items, it means that some of them are older and different than the other):

*Two Mario plushies
*Fire Mario plushie
*Two Luigi plushies
*Fire Luigi plushie
*Three Green Yoshi plushies
*Pink Yoshi plushie
*Hammer Bro. plushie
*Shy Guy plushie
*Koopa Troopa plushie
*Paratroopa plushie
*Toadette plushie
*Two Toad plushies
*Blue Toad plushie
*Dry Bones plushie
*Baby Mario plushie
*Baby Luigi plushie
*Baby Peach plushie
*Bowser Jr. plushie
*Bowser plushie
*Two Wario plushies
*Peach Plushie
*Donkey Kong bean bag toy
*Diddy Kong bean bag toy
*Mumbo Jumbo bean bag toy
*Banjo and Kazooie bean bag toy

*Three Mario figures (9'', 5'', 3'')
*Three Luigi figures (9'', 5'', 3'')
*Toad figure (5ish'')
*Two Yoshi figures (9'', 5'')
*Baby Luigi figure (3'')
*Peach figure
*Bowser figure

*Mario chess set

*Some few Mario shirts
*Mario plush blanket
Hm, I forgot to mention other items, but the list is big enough.
-Mario & Luigi plushies
-Figurines of Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Paragoomba, Koopa Troopa, Bob-omb, Bullet Bill
-Mario Kart Wii cards
-Cubchoo, Roserade, Sneasel, Woobat, Psyduck, and Tepig plushies
-Snorunt, Shaymin Sky, and Omanyte figurines
*Metroid Prime Trilogy plot synopsis/art booklet
*Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary booklet and CD
*The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Orchestra CD and a golden Wii Remote Plus depicting the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule
*The Ocarina of Time as designed by STL Ocarina
*A couple of Mario shirts, a Mario jacket, and a DK shirt (that says "Going Bananas" :dk:)
*A shirt with a NES controller on it (I used to have a Wii shirt and a 360 shirt)
* A Mario series calendar
I have a pair of Mario pajama pants that are really comfy. One of my best pairs of pants, easily.
More stuff I found:

* t-shirt with a 1UP that says "Get A Life"
* Yoshi figurine
* poster of every Pokemon up to Generation III.
Shitloads of Pokemon and Mario plushes. Too many to name.

I also have quite a few posters, inlcuding the Pokemon Movie: Gitatina and the Sky Warrior, a Pokemon Platinum poster, Metroid Other M, and a DKCR poster.
World map poster of Red Dead Redemption and Ezio Auditore action figure (as he appears in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) are the only merch I have off the top of my head.
Tepig Plush
Scraggy Plush
& I think I have a Mario T-Shirt somewhere...
Joey Wheeler said:
* t-shirt with a 1UP that says "Get A Life"

My sister wears that shirt sometimes. :P I wear a pink shirt with a Mushroom that says, "Oh, grow up!"
Hm... maybe. I'll check out deviantart later.

By the way, I'm wearing a shirt that has a tiny Mario standing on a block, a bigger Mario standing on a block, and a huge Mario crushing a block. It says, "Size Matters".
Many Mario T-Shirts
Pokemon Yahtzee
Pokemon Cards
Mario Kart Wii cards
Geodude Keychain
Golem top
Pikachu stuffed beany toy
Pikachu figure that talks
Probably some other things
  • Super Mario Chess.
  • 2 green Yoshi plush toys.
  • 2 Mario plush toys.
  • Toad plush toy.
  • Luigi plush toy.
  • Half of a Mario 25th Anniversary poster.
  • Super Mario History 1985 - 2010 Booklet + CD (Came with SMAS 25th Anniversary Edition)
  • Mario DS Lite Cover, stickers, stylus, display case, eta.
My cousin has a RC MK64 Yoshi Kart as well. Since he has MK64, it might have been bundled with the game.
- Mario & Yoshi plushies (specifically NSMBW ones, according to the tags)
- Quite a few Mario t-shirts
- A few children's Pokémon story books (I don't even know how I got these)
- Over 1000 Pokémon trading cards (yes I have this many) and 5 collector's tins
- A bunch of Pokémon figurines
- If Nintendo Power counts then I have 9 issues (vol. 270-278)

I think I have more but I can't remember.
I have:

  • A few Mario plushies.
  • A crapload of Pokemon action figures and plushies.
  • A few Mario shirts.
  • A Pikachu VCR. (one of my most prized possessions <3)
  • Like MM64, over 1000 Pokemon trading cards and a few collector's tins.
  • I have about 25 to 30 issues of Nintendo Power.

Pretty sure I still have quite a lot of other stuff.
Well, my rooms full of them:
Mario Plushie
Luigi Plushie
Yoshi Plushie
Wario Plushie
Modern and Classic Sonic figures
Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, DK, Pikachu, Lucario, Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, Shaymin (Sky Form), Piplup, and Mew mini-figures
Toon Link Plushie
Big Pikachu Plushie
Yoshi bookbag
Mario Metal Lunch Box-esque container
Golden Mewtwo cards
Multi-colored Emeralds meant to represent Chaos Emeralds
A little Sonic figure I made of clay during Groundhog Day in art class a couple of years back
Mario Kart (literally Mario in a kart) mini-figure
New Super Mario Bros. T-Shirt
Wing Mario T-Shirt that says Wing Man
Super Mario 64 T-Shirt with Mario and a bunch of power-ups
A black T-Shirt showing the main Mario cast and a few enemies
Scarface-style Mario T-Shirt
Mario Bros. in their classic colored suits gettiong chased by a Bob-omb
A giant Mario frame that has Mario in a bunch of power-ups across the whole picture and says Mario's Room since my name is actually Mario.
Super Mario 3D Land mini poster
New Super Mario Bros. Wii poster
National Pokedex poster up to the fourth generation
Star Fox Command mini poster
Sonic Generations mini poster
Metroid: Other M mini poster
Luigi's Mansion 2 mini poster
Mario Sluggers wall skin
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword poster
Donkey Kong Country returns poster
Kid Icarus: Uprising mini-poster
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess poster
A book containing hundreds of pokemon cards
Printed pictures of video game characters all over my wall
Many nNintendo Power and GameInformer issues
Customized Mario cap
Black Nintendo cap
Black Mario cap depicting Mario and a bunch of enemies in white tracing all over it
Black Legend of Zelda cap depicting the Triforce symbol and white tracings of the same symbol all over it

And this is just the stuff I have for video games. I also have a bunch of comic and manga-related media as well.
I have a huge bookself full of stuff which mainly consists of Mario figures and plush toys. I have some Mario DVDs, a copy of Super Mario Adventures, and a lot of other things. I also have a few Zelda comic books and a weird Link PEZ dispenser. I have a Xenoblade art book too.