Are your related to any famous people?

Are you related to and famous people (probably distantly but).

I'm not, but I know someone related to Thomas Edison (very distant)

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if I was, I'd be living the high life right about now


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I am a famous person, and you can be friends with me.

Pokemon DP

God I'm good at being an owl
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I would say you're more infamous than anything else, Uniju.


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I wish I was related to Red.

but that'd be imposible anyways.

so my 2nd choice is that I would be related to The Doctor.

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I'm related to Bartholdi

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Baby Luigi said:
I'm related to Bartholdi
Yup, we're related to the man who designed the Statue of Liberty. He's a cousin of our grandfather, I think.

Lily x

Actually, I know there is this artist guy I'm related to, I'm not sure how famous he was but he was on a TV documentary once.

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I think there was a murderer somewhere down my family tree...otherwise, my sister has been on BBC News. That's about as close as I can get.


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Are there any legit websites that can help you look to see if you are related to anyone famous? Also, I have no idea if I am related to anyone famous or of any status.