DS vs. PSP

DS or PSP? Or both?

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'Bout time. So, which do YOU like best? Or do you like 'em both?
Voted DS, though I guess its slightly unfair for me too do so since I've never actually played a PSP.
To me, DSes are slightly better. Cooler games! But the PSP is, like, a mini laptop. However, the only game I've played is Loco Roco. Cool game.
Bah! Sony NOT my favorite company. BUT YOU SOLD A PSP?! Should have tried Loco Roco.
Sorry for the double post, but...
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=902109023681812200&q=The+PSP+Sucks <-- same guy.
PSP also has Mario! Haven't you heard about those illegal emulated games which I pirate copy hundreds a week? Ahem...
The results of this poll really surprise me. I mean, DS wins by a landslide? On a Mario-based forum? Amazing.

Hint: Go back and check for sarcasm.
The PSP has homebrew stuff going for it which is neat and all

I find the DS to be a tad bit overrated, but I haven't played a PSP for more than two minutes so I don't know what to say, I can't have an opinion yet
hey this is unfair......this is a nintendo Forum....try thhis at a Sony forum...I like them both though

I don't know what system is technically superior, but the DS has games I like, and that's a good enough reason to like it.
The DS has better games.

And instead of having a screen bigger than your house, it just splits the screen up into two.