Glitches you have found yourself in video game


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Today, I found a weird glitch in SM64 that I got a star from toad and I get it in strange way



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The falling through the bridge glitch in Frappe Snowland in Mario Kart 64 I discovered myself too.


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Gettting stuck in the air in Crash Twinsanity
Jumping through the celing in Crash 1
Dancing inside the Komodo Bros in Crash 2
Green death place in Sonic Heroes
Flotaing glitch in Sonic Generations

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It did for me. Someone on YouTube even commented on that (too bad I don't remember which video it was). Granted, the same thing happening to that person is most likely just a conincidence, but still.
One time In super mario sunshine, In the first main level, with Petey and stuff, the rotating wooden wheel thing, I hit it when jumping into it and got pushed under the level and died.


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Joey Wheeler said:
In Paper Mario 2, if you use Supernova on the Shadow Queen while she's invincible, the game freezes.
I believe that only works in early versions of the game.

Ran into a glitch in Aquitic Ruin in Sonic Classic Collection more than once. Other than that I do not remember runing into any other glitch myself.


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In the DS version of LEGO Batman, one will sometimes fall through the floor and die in the Ice Cream Factory.


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One time when I was playing Super Mario Land I hit one of the ? Blocks in World 1-3 and it just disappeared.


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In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing I pulled off a Standing Turn (which is very similar to the Standing Mini Turbo in MKW) by pressing both the Control Stick and D-Pad in the same direction, and when I stopped pressing the acceleration button the car started shaking.

This works in the Wii, 360 and PS3 versions, but it doesn't work in the DS/iDevices versions and I'm unsure about the PC version.


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In my friend's Spider Man 3, there were times when we got stuck in the air, stuck on the ceiling, stuck upside down, etc.