Super Mario World enemies that need to return


Donkey Kong
Some enemies from SMW I want to see again.

Amazing Flying Hammer Bro.
Chargin Chuck
Jumping Piranha Plant
Bony Beetle
Dino Rhino/Dino Torch
Goomba (Kuribon)
Pipe Lakitu
Fishin Boo
Sumo Bro.

Anyone agree?
Although technically not an enemy, I want to see Reznor return
Majin Vegeta said:
Some enemies from SMW I want to see again.

Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. Have
Rex Have
Chargin Chuck Have
Thwimp Have
Jumping Piranha Plant
Blargg Have
Bony Beetle Have
Dino Rhino/Dino Torch
Goomba (Kuribon) Have
Pipe Lakitu
Fishin Boo Have
Sumo Bro.

Anyone agree?
If my memory is correct they were in the Galaxy 2 boss battle with the Whomp King on Whomp's Fortr- err, Throwback Galaxy.

Btw. you do realize that the is a mario wiki right..

My bad... err.. that was whomp not thwomp... this says they were in a e-reader level in Mario Advance: Bros. 3
Magikrazy said:
Danny The Street said:
Magikrazy said:
I also haven't seen Magikoopas in a 2D game in a long time.

Torpedo Ted?
Uh Kamek
I meant the generic Magikoopas. They haven't been in a 2D game in a while.
Because there have been so many 2D games since SMW
Not just the enemies, but general smw elements, but that's for another topic.

Although wouldn't mind see some smw enemies, they were pretty neat.
I would like the saws to return :3
Gardevoir said:
We need a SMW 2 with all the enemys.. Oh wait, thats Yoshi's Island :D

Yoshi Island doesn't have awesome enemies like Chain Saws or Charging Chucks