Talk Page Proposals and Collaborations

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Currently, talk page proposals and collaborations seem similar to me. My question is that what's the differences between a talk page proposal and a wiki collaboration, and is it defined?

I just want to clear things here. Both are methods of improving the wiki, but I need to know when a talk page proposal is appropriate and when a wiki collaboration is appropriate.


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Most TPPs are about settling immediate disagrements ( mostly of the "should we merge/delete/split/ [group of] pages/info" sort) whereas this board is for group efforts and discussing wiki editing in a more general fashion.

An example: If there was a group of separate pages and someone suggests to merge them, that'd be a TPP (though they could make a thread here beforehand to see if peoples are receptive to that idea.). Now, if that person wanted to improve them/add images/etc instead, that'd be a Collab. That's the way I see it, atleast.

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
You think we should include the definitions between the two? Or would it be difficult?