Requesting edits for locked pages.

I think the minimum number of entries for this type of category is five, so I'm not confident in what to do in this case.

I suppose I'll remove the category from the page, and edit it out of the tree.
No worries, thanks for having your say!
MarioWiki:Navigation templates (MarioWiki:Navigation_templates#Colouration) says that "if a footer is added to a new class of templates, please alert an admin so that they can approve the colour choice and add it to the chart." Well, Template:TA (misc. Yoshi) was just created, and it uses a footer to distinguish a version-exclusive character. Incidentally, Template:YI (Yoshi's Island) also uses a footer, and that hasn't been added to the list either.
I didn't agree with the colour of the Yoshi's Island footer, because it was the same colour as the banner (it should be lighter than the banner, but darker than the headers). So I chose something more suitable for that one. Otherwise, the policy page is all updated. Thanks for the tip!

Time Turner said:
Although wouldn't it be easier to decide colors for each of the footers beforehand, instead of adding them only after they're needed?
This would take a bit of effort with all the different possible nav template subjects. I wouldn't be willing to do that work - I'm just happy to have them chosen and added as required.
Not sure how long it will take me to get to those articles. I mean, I have the game, Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition. However, I still have half of the levels in the Super Mario Challenge in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS to do. From which, I have been taking a brake. I am also in the middle of a project of putting all of the chess opening names and their sub types in alphabetical order. I am near the end of the list. Where am I getting these openings? From Chessmaster 10th edition made by Ubisoft. It is 10 years old, but Ubisoft hasn't made a new one recently. After this, I will work on the second part of the Super Mario Challenge. And this is me rambling on. I will quit typing now.
Peculiar request: there are a few older proposals who were moved to other talk pages after they passed, after which their previous talk pages were deleted. They also didn't make a habit of nothing their deadlines. This means that I do not know when they passed, which is a problem when I'm making an archive (MarioWiki:Proposals/Talk Page Archive). Would it be possible to restore the pages and their revisions, if only briefly, so that I can confirm the dates?

Sorry, I think any pages deleted before 2013 can't be restored.
Or if you can narrow it down to the month by going off page histories or deletion logs, then we could just record their deadline with the day omitted.
Is it necessary for pages like World 4-7 (Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition) and World 4-B (New Super Mario Bros. 2) to have their identifiers? They're the only levels literally titled "World 4-7" or "World 4-B", but they carry the identifier presumably because of the disambiguation pages (World 4-7 and World 4-B) that list other locations that share the same level number without actually being called "World 4-7" and the like. I have a few other pages in mind, as well - if possible, I'll request that they be moved to a title that doesn't have the identifier, while the disambiguation pages are marked with (disambiguation). I'll clean up the links if they're moved.