Super Mario Sunshine Question


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Do I supposed to get shine by beating Bowser? And other question, why my Wii is loud and shaky while playing Wii game when my wii is silent when playing Gamecube games?


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Hmm, if I remember well, there's no shine to win by beating Bowser. And I don't have an answer for the other question, it's a weird problem...


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Huh? Why I didn't get shine for beating Bowser for 1st time but I got shine for 2nd time? And I always save after I get a shine


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I think its because you fall out the first time you beat him like in the story and the second time you dont.


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No, I completed the game and I have 120 Shines. It even has a little red shine sprite next to the File which means the game is completed.


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I think my friend's disc is glitched when I beaten Bowser for 1st time then I used my scratched disc, I got shine by beating for 2nd time on same file also my disc is fixed now


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Chuggaaconroy got a shine for beating bowser.

For beating bowser you get:
  • Talk to a guy in a tropical shirt and he will give you a new shirt and shades.
  • A Shine, and if its your last one to collect you get a little picture with everyone together and it says have a relaxing vacation. Oh and a little sun thing on your save file.

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Boidoh is correct, if you enter the final battle on Corona Mt. with 119 shine sprites the 120th is awarded after defeating the final boss.