New SNES Game In Development...


Da f***, Rosalina?
Wow... Just wow.... Talk about unexpected....

Oh well, at least the game itself sounds interesting.
wait, what? :eek:

That's really surprising. I don't really know what else to say about that.
Why would they release a game for a primitive system that came out more than twenty years ago?
Fascinating...I'd like to see a new Pong console, myself. ;)
Vinyl Scratch said:
It costs around $70?!?! Why isn't it just a(n) Wii/e shop title?

Because they're making a cartridge.
Homebrew physical games have been released for the Genesis, Neo-Geo, Jaguar, Dreamcast (a ridiculous lot of it infact) and maaany other consoles before. What's really surprising is that someone didn't try to cash in on the SNES worship sooner.

Super Fighter Team is not really "developing" the game; Nightmare Busters is a game that was completed in 1995 but the publisher dropped it and it never got released. The rom was dumped and you can find playthroughs of it and everything. Presumably they're aiming for the hardcore collectors that'd want to own a physical copy.
Yoshidude99 said:

No, he was expressing his disbelief at there being a new game, not questioning what you said.
This will probably be the first game ever to sell better on Virtual Console than on the original system (that is, if it does get released for VC).
I heard that K-mart once re-released the Sega Mega Drive and Atari [something] with 20 games installed (it had a start up menu with the list of games). You couldn't play real game cartridges though, and none of the installed games were new.