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Self-explanatory title.

Be sure to include the following info:

Character(s) used
Stage (please use stages that already exist)

Name: Score one for the bad guys.
Characters: Bowser or King Dedede
Stage: Battlefield (Brawl)
Objective: Same as Brawl's "Two Trouble Kings" event except this time you're helping either Bowser or King Dedede defeat Mario and Kirby.


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Wiki Patroller
Name: Hot Potato
Characters: Choose, two Warios
Stage: Distant Planet
Objective: Don't let the Gooey Bomb (which has a longer timer) explode on you. Dodging it will still net you loss. Just don't let it on in you at the end.


Donkey Kong
Name: Knockout the Jerk
Characters: Ganondorf, Meta Knight
Stage: Halberd
Objective: Meta Knight thinks he's so great. Show him that "tires don exits".

Super Mario the Hedgehog

...I've been looking forward to it.
Name: Living in Your Shadow
Characters: Mario and Sonic vs. Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario and Shadow
Objective: Defeat the original incarnations (A.K.A. Defeat Mario and Sonic)


Power Star
Name: Pokemon Battle
Characters: Dewott, Snivy, Emboar
Stage: Pokemon Staduim 2
Objective: Defeat them all. You play as Pikachu.


Name:Like clone and clone?

Characters:Link and toon link clones everywhere

Stage:Final Destination

objective: iver choose link or toon link to destroy your clones


Microgamer Extordinair
Name: Shigeru's Guards
Character(s) Used: Toad
Stage: Final Destination
Objective: The player must KO all the 3rd-Party characters in the roster. (For example, in my roster, I have Arthur, Bomberman, Earthworm Jim, Mega-Man, Pac-Man, Rayman, Slime, Snake, & Sonic.)


Banned User
Name: Melt! Melt! Attack of the Fireballs!
Character(s) used: Luigi
Stage: Icicle Mountain (whatever it's called in SSBB)
Objective: Don't let Mario shoot Fireballs through the mountain!


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Name: 1-Bit Wonders
Character(s): Choose
Stage: Popper Lake
Objective: The player(s) must KO all the Retro characters. (For example, in my roster, I have Balloon Fighter, Bubbles, Excitebiker, Ice Climbers, Sukapon, Mike Jones & Little Mac.)


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Magikrazy said:
You mean 8-Bit Wonders?

Plus, what about Pit? Is he in your roster?
Perry the Platypus told me the same thing in another topic.

1-bit wonder is a pun on the terms "1-hit wonder" & "8-bit". 1-Bit Wonders are retro characters that have only 1 or 2 games. (i.e. Ice Climbers, Bubbles, Sukapon, etc.) Pit already has 3 games. (Kid Icarus, KI:Of Myths & Monsters, & Uprising.)
P.S. Yes, he is still in my roster!


Cosmic Beauty
Name: Cosmic Defense
Character: Rosalina
Opponents: Black Shadow, Ridley, Wolf
Stage: Galaxy Tours
Description: The universe's infamous criminals are on the loose. It is up to Rosalina to restore peace.
Objective: Rosalina has to KO all of her opponents. The player is given 3 lives, while the opponents each have 1 life. This event match is similar to Brawl's "Advent of the Evil King" event match.
Skill Level Notes: The opponents gain a launch resistance increase on the harder skill levels.


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Name: Masters of Evil
Character(s) Used: Choose
Stage: Final Destination
Objective: The player must KO all the atagonists in the game. (For example, in my roster, it would be Bowser, Bowser Jr., King K Rool, Ganondorf, Ridley, King Dedede, Wolf, Mewtwo, Meowth & Masked Man.)

Propeller Toad

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Name: The Mushroom Retainer
Character(s) used: Toad
Stage: Princess Peach's Castle (returning) / Final Destination
Objective: "Bowser's arrived to capture Peach, and Mario's nowhere in sight! Protect Peach at all costs until Mario arrives!"

Explanation: Peach will be provided at a high percentage in the match and many of Bowser's moves can easily KO her easily. She should be walking rather blindly around the stage and doing little to avoid attacks. Toad (the player) is her teammate and must keep Bowser (who only targets Peach and not Toad unless he attacks him) away from Peach until the timer of 1 minute is up. If you KO Bowser before the minute, it doesn't matter as he will immediately return (he has an endless amount of lives). Mario will arrive immediately after the minute and if you manage to keep Peach alive until then, you will have successfully completed the event.

Propeller Toad

Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
Don Pianta said:
That sounds like the Peach's Peril event from Melee.
Haha, it is true that I used some influences from the Melee events to make this one; however, I didn't realize how similar it was to Peach's Peril (completely forgot that one :-\). I guess it still might be kind of a like a retake to an old event if anything (like nostalgia to the Melee events). I actually was thinking more of the Pikachu and Pichu event while thinking this one up (unlimited life Pikachu while the Pichus were just hiding in a corner). ;)


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Kirby, Yoshi, Ice Climbers and Mr. Game & Watch
Flat Zone 2
Kirby and Yoshi are too hungry! Protect the chef from oblivion!


King Bowser
Name: Doctor's Orders
Characters: Dr. Mario, Peach (Player 2)
Stage: PictoChat
Music: Dr. Mario (Melee)
Description: Looks like there's a pesky patient in the hospital. Give him something to calm him down!
Objective: Basically a reverse of Time for a Checkup, you have to KO Luigi within 3 minutes.


Earth Adept
Bombs Away!
Samus, Link, Snake and character of your choice
Yikes! The whole place is being bombed and they're not eactly helping. Get them off before the ship goes on fire!
Course Differences: There will be more Arwings and Wolfens launching bombs instead. The only items are bombs and Poke Balls. The opponents will only use their bomb moves.


Microgamer Extordinair
Name: SSB Sports
Character(s) used: Little Mac
Stage: Boxing Ring
Description: Which is better? Tennis or Boxing? Let's find out! (KO Waluigi 3 times)
Note: The palette swap Waluigi wears in this match is similar to the color scheme of Aran Ryan.


Name: Gyromite
Character(s) Used: R.O.B.
Stage: Final Destination
Description: Use only Gyro to knock out two other R.O.B.s