Animal Crossing: New Leaf


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

I'll get it. Please tell me that Nook won't be a slave driver as an estate agent.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

If there's a vacation mode, I'll get it. Whenever I take a hiatus from the other ACs, my town becomes fucked up. :(.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

Hmm. I haven't played Animal Crossing in a long time but the memories are killing me, so I'll try to get it.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

I don't think I'll get this one. I loved the original AC, but Wild World and City Folk were just meh.

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

I hope you get to customize your character without having to go the salon and it'd be nice if Nintendo took the best from all the AC games.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

The images are broken.

But I'm definitely gonna get it. Animal Crossing is awesome.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

Evil Magikrazy said:
One problem with the new one. Mr. Resetti in 3D!
lol I actually want to see that.


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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

Once i'm mayor shit is going to go down i'm talking street lamps everywhere

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

I know, I'll try to replace it later, or just update the first post with something else.

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

I'm most likely getting it after I get money for it.

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

Weed day(9/3):
- Reggie, the gardener, holds a weed day festival when the gardening shop is open.
- Pick all the weeds to get a special present handmade by Reggie.
- Reggie counts the number of weeds left to be picked.

Harvest Festival (11/4):
- Totally different from previous Animal Crossings.
- Franklin the chef comes and will treat you to food if you help him out and gather ingredients.
- Gather ingredients yourself or through trading things with the villagers.
- Franklin will give you a special present when the food's ready.

Christmas Eve (12/24):
- Different from previous games.
- The Mayor (the player), dresses up as Santa Claus to give the villagers presents.
- Meet up with Jingle while dressed as Santa Claus to get a sack of presents for the villagers.

New villagers:
- Frank, male eagle, birthday is 6/1, personality is smug.
- Koyuki, female tiger, 12/13 birthday, personality is energetic.
- Mike, male kangaroo, 12/1 birthday, personality is stubborn.
- Arthur, male lion, 8/7 birthday, personality is smart.
- Tsukasa, female? sheep, 10/21 birthday, personality is mature.
- Lily, female wolf, 3/24 birthday, personality is normal.
- Tokio, male? ostrich, 9/23 birthday, personality is airhead.
- ???, female mouse, 2/5 birthday, personality is energetic.
- Osmond, male koala, 10/12 birthday, personality is smart.
- ???, male hippo, 10/15 birthday, personality is smug.

Dream Mansion (could also be translated, literally, as Mansion where [one] sees dreams)
- Anteater named Yumemi (dream viewer) runs the shop 24/7.
- Connect to the internet and visit other players' villages from around the world.
- Can head to a village based on address, the type of village you desire, or by area.
- Anything that's done to the dream village won't have an impact on the actual village.
- Speak to Wendell (Seiichi) the starving artist while you visit another player's dream village to get a pattern that that player created.

Lol, Weed Day.

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

The game's subtitle is called "New Leaf".

The most common change is the shops:

* Brewster has his own cafe.
* The museum has a shop.
* There's a gardening shop.
* Kicks from City Folk runs a shoe store.
* Tom Nook runs a real estate agency.
* There's shop where you can sell items and make your own furniture.
* There's a club where K.K. Slider works as a DJ.

Check Nookipedia if you want more info.
Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

Watched some videos on this.

Really excited for it now actually!

Hopefully, you people will get it so we can play together!

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

There's really too much news about this, I couldn't begin to list them all, but off the top of my head I could say that:

*There are new fruits
*The island returns, along with Tortimer, you'll be able to play minigames on that island with your friends, or solo(?)
*Christmas is celebrated differently this time around, Jingle will hand you a bag of items, which you'll have to hand out to all your villagers. (throughout the month of December they'll drop hints as to what they want so you won't have to deal with randomly handing out presents and hoping it's the right one.)

There's definitely more, but I can't think of it atm.

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Re: Animal Crossing 3DS

There's a couple of new special characters as well. If I'm not mistaken, all the special characters from the previous three games also return as well.

*The new fruit are durians, lemons, and mangoes and the previous 6 fruits also return (I'm counting coconuts).

New Characters:

So yeah, this is one of my most anticipated games of 2013.