Anolog Sticks Vs. Circle Pads Vs. D-Pad

Which Is Better.

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King Bowser
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I've been thinking lately that Nintendo is "phasing out" the Anolog stick in favor of the Circle Pad, 3DS and Wii U. I understand 3DS because it has to open and close but Wii U... THATS RIDICULOUS. So which do you think is better. On another topic do you think the D-Pad is better?
I think the Circle Pad is fundamentally better since it allows for more precision and easier control. However, I have yet to experience it, so I'll abstain from voting.
I always tend to use the circle pad on my 3DS more than the D-Pad. It's easier to use and has more precision. Of course, some games only allow you to move with the circle pad (Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, for example).
The Control Pad doesn't have the risk of turning wobbly after several uses. Too bad that it's not used for movement a lot.
Control pad?
I chose analog stick. Yes, I suppose the circle pad works, but I think I prefer good old fashioned analogs.
GLaDOS said:
Control pad?
I chose analog stick. Yes, I suppose the circle pad works, but I think I prefer good old fashioned analogs.

Control Pad is what the directional button is often called in many instruction booklets. Likewise, what you call, Analog Stick, is actually called, Control Stick.
Circle Pad
Like what everyone said it has better control and precision
Also the Circle Pad feels more comfortable, but that's probably just me.
I'm stuck between Analog Stick and Circle Pad.
The Circle Pad's the most comfortable, though I'll use whatever I have to use to play a game.
Maybe the 3DS just has a crappy circle pad but my thumb always slides off it.
I've grown to like the Circle Pad the most, but analog sticks are cool too.
It really depends on the game for me.

For 2D platformers and RPGs, then the D-pad is best by far.

For 3D platformers and Kart games, then I like the Circle Pad.

Everything else, I like the Analog stick.
Analog stick. As ShyGuy pointed out, Nintendo's analog discs have traction issues. I know slickness is what's big as of late what with everybody going for faux-Macintosh, but some nice rigid plastic would really help. Being so small doesn't help either, and while it is nice that my 3DS fits in my pocket, I wish it would be bigger. Playing a fast-paced game like Mario Kart 7 is pretty uncomftorable. Maybe because my hands are bigger than that of the target audience. :-(

But yeah, back to the analog discs. Fuck em!
I have yet to try a Circle Pad. It seems like a good idea but apparently there are some issues?

Between analog stick and control pad I'm definitely going with analog stick.
I like analog sticks for 3D games best, particularly the ones on the XBox controller because I don't have to worry about my thumb from sliding off it.

For 2D games, I prefer the circle pad over the D-Pad, especially after how my DS Lite's D-pad is totally stuffed up from using it too much.
I don't like the circle pad as much. My thumb always slides off of it and it always feels like it's ready to break off of the system. Control sticks are awesome, but D-pads make it harder to play 3D games.