Mario Party 3

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No, but seriously, this was my childhood game, used to play it every weekend, try and beat scores on minigames. Hell, I can't believe how amazing I was at that game back then, I can't even imagine how I got the scores I got, I tried a couple of months ago and I was a couple of seconds behind my score in the horse race minigame. And I can't even remember how I used to play that Airplane game that made me win so much. What was it called? Air Aces? Ace Planes? I dunno.
Yup, I thought i'd just continue the annoyance. Also, they made them because it was their favourite MP Games. I do the same.

and if it is too annoying, just leave now.

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Not really my favorite Mario Party. I hardly ever remember winning. The mini-games weren't that memorable to me.

It did have a nice item selection though.


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Crackin355 said:
Air Aces? Ace Planes? I dunno.
Aces High. I loved that minigame. That and the Bowser Phone item. :3
I don't think there was a mini game I didn't like. But I really did like Ice Rink Risk, Cheep Cheep Chase, the one on the conveyor belt with fire, and the one with he blocks and the mushroom that turned you giant.

Man, I loved this game way too much. I still do.