Your favorite Mario Party boards


Donkey Kong
Mario Party - Yoshi's Tropical Island
Mario Party 4 - Shy Guy's Jungle Jam
Mario Party 5 - Pirate Dream
Mario Party 6 - Castaway Bay
Mario Party 8 - King Boo's Haunted Hideaway
Mario Party DS - DK's Stone Statue

New Super Mario

Out of the ones I've played:
MP3, MP4: Haven't played long enough to choose
MP8: Shy Guy's Perplex Express
MP6: Towering Treetop
MPDS: Toadette's Music Room


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Koopa Troopa
Here we go! It's hard to pick just one board...

Mario Party - Eternal Star
Mario Party 2 - Horror Land
Mario Party 3 - Woody Woods
Mario Party 4 - Toad's Midway Madness
Mario Party 5 - Pirate Dream
Mario Party 6 - Towering Treetop
Mario Party 7 - Windmillville
Mario Party 8 - Shy Guy's Perplex Express
Mario Party DS - Bowser's Pinball Machine

Ultra Violet

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Mario Party 3: Spiny Desert (cause that's the only one I played so far, plus Wario gets stuck in the ? Space area for quite a while)
Mario Party 4: Bowser's Gnarly Party (Wario's highest coin accumulation was 16 coins. Yes, 16.)
Mario Party 5: Pirate Dream
Mario Party 6: Faire Square (my favorite board in the series, due to the circular area near the star is and being able to set up traps all around it thanks to nearby shops)
Mario Party 7: Pagoda Peak (dunno why, I guess I like the Chinese atmosphere. Reminds me of my Chinese culture I guess)
Mario Party 8: Shy Guy's Perplex Express (hit an 8 on the first turn, land on the red space. One time, all people landed on the exact space. It was hilarious. I also recalled it was the first turn I ever played in Mario Party 8 where Waluigi went first and landed on it, hence, Waluigi's favorite space)
Mario Party DS: Toadette's Music Room (I like Toadette. That's all)