What do you think is the hardest Bowser boss fight?


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I don't think Bowser was particularly 'hard' in any game. When I heard a reviewer say the final Bowser fight in Super Mario 3D Land was the "hardest yet", I expected something really tough, but I didn't lose a single life when the battle came :mad:
The one from NSMBW was pretty epic, and the SMG ones are just plain easy.
I don't know if it was hard, but Super Mario 64's Final Bowser Battle was scary as fuck. That mix of organ, creepy music, with that background, Bowser in many colors, I don't know, but I remember I was VERY scared when I fought him that time.

Maybe it's because I was only 7...
I thought the Super Mario Bros. 3 fight was pretty dang hard. I had to be a quick reactor.

The Super Mario 64 Bowser fights were also tricky; sometimes it was hard to aim Bowser at a bomb properly.
Super Mario Galaxy 2's final Bowser boss fight

I'd say the final Bowser fight in Super Mario 64. That was definitely the hardest for me.