A Yoshi's Island 3D platfomer


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Would this actually work? Yoshi's controls be like the SMG series (but without the gravity) and when you go to shoot an egg you could go into a first person shooter mode and shoot the egg. What do you think of this?


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I did have a game plot, which is similar to your input. Of course, it's rather old; I made it some time after finishing Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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I kind of doubt they'll be doing one considering the Yoshi games haven't strayed from 2D in all the 15 years that the rest of the Mario franchise has been 3D, and newer Mario games are only feeling more and more like the 2D ones, both in that they brought back the Super Mario Bros. 3-esque gameplay with the New Super Mario Bros. games and in the sorts of gameplay mechanics being introduced into the 3D games, namely how each one is more linear than the last. I actually think it's pretty cool that the Yoshi games are gameplay-wise pretty much a direct continuation of the original 2D line, especially now that Nintendo sort of went back and branched off of SMB3 again with NSMB, resulting in sort of the NSMB branch and the SMW/Yoshi branch.

That said, your gameplay idea actually does sound pretty fun. A 3D environment would definitely allow more interesting egg physics, and with that more interesting egg puzzles. I'd like to see it as more of a physics game than as an old fashioned Mario-style platformer.


It sounds fun. Just lose the babies this time.

Not that I don't like the babies, but they were SOOO ANNOYING to work with in the Yoshi series, and would be even more so in a 3D game.


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I would like the babies again, but please don't make them helpless. Maybe they can tag along with Yoshi instead of ride on him. But if Baby Luigi reappears, PLEASE DON'T MAKE HIM A FLIPPIN' DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!!!


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IMO, the only viable Yoshi's Island game in 3D would be done like the recently released Kirby's Adventure on the eShop (added depth).