Who do you play your Videogames with?

Do you play them with somebody or nobody.

My Family doesnt like them, my friends are too much into CoD and Battlefield. I'm the only person to have a 3DS in my group of friends, while the rest want or have PS3's



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With my little brother, my best friend, or by myself.

My brother is the only other one in my house who likes to play on occasion--my sister used to.
When I hang out with my best friend, we would play Mario Kart together.


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My bros.

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Uniju's bros and the Xephyr crew.

Also sometimes me own brother. I usually play single-player games, anyway.


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I used to play them with my sister but we're both adults now so I'll be playing video games alone forever.

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Usually alone, or with my friends from here on the PC.

When my sister and my brother-in-law come down here, I sometimes play with my brother-in-law too.

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Oh yeah, also with Shyguy and his real life mates. Fun times, those are.


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I usually play with my twin sister ever since I started playing video games.


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Myself, mostly, with friends on rare occasions. Like Ned Kelly, I usually play single-player games.


Depends on the game. If it's a platformer, party, handheld, or racing game, it's usually my brother. If it's a baseball game, then it's usually my dad.


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Aside from my Steam chums I have a fairly standard Mario Party crew.