What is your favorite game console


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Tell me your favorite game console mine is the Wii

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
I like Wii, but the other Nintendo consoles had their games.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
The Gamecube.

No, actually it's the N64.

Of course I say the Wii, what did you think?

The XBox 360 ain't bad either, though. And the PC isn't a console but a lot of my favorite games are on there.

Gumball Machine

Celestial Guide

great controller, decent graphics, memory cards makes transferring data easy, and I love holding the A button when the little block is moving around on the screen to acess the settings

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
Oh, gosh, how could I forget the Gamecube controller? It's so much better than the dingy Wii Remote.

Pokemon DP

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Not really sure what I'd peg as me favourite (I disdain picking sides), but at the very least, the GameCube and PlayStation 2 were amazing consoles.

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
Most of Nintendo consoles and the computer are the ones I play with