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Tell us some ideas for minigames you had :yoshi:


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Boat Siege(IDR the name in my idea)
1 vs. 3
Single Player throws cannonballs to the boat.
Team Players must protect the boat with shields for 40 seconds or lose.
If the boat gets hit 4 times,it is sunken.

1 Player
B:Cannon Angle
Shake Wii Remote:Shot Strenght

3 Players
Control Pad:Move the shield.

Tip:Sometimes colored cannonballs are fired out.Only a same colored shield can block it.


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Coordinate Plane
You need to use strategy to direct an airplane across the coordinate plane to the goal, which is at the end of the plane. It's like an RTS game, kinda.

Mech Madness
It plays similar to Mario Mechs from Mario Party 5, except you can choose your own machines.


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Miniac Mania

Coin Collecting Game

In the style of NSMBW, you're in your mini mushroom form, trying to steal coins by ground-pounding everyone else.

Controls: Same as NSMBW.

Tip: Ground-pound the person with the most coins.


King Bowser
Wiggler Feeding

Description/Rules: Based of the Snake game. One player controls a giant Wiggler and tries to chase other players to feed them to the Wiggler. Each 2 seconds the Wiggler grows a segment and it starts with 4 segments. If the Wiggler touches a part of it's body it will cut that part out. The other 3 players avoid trying to get eaten by the Wiggler and they can be blocked by the Wiggler's body. Game can last for 30 sec. It takes place in a rectangular stage in a forest with some blocks scattered around.

Objectives: 1 player- Catch other players. Team-Survive

Controls: D-pad to move Wiggler around and control players.


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Jump Calculator
Star Game(If you win you get a star)(Always 4 player)

Calculate the length of your jump to cross the gaps between the platforms and get to the star

Hold a:Charge Jump
Release a:Do the Jump

Tip:Sometimes you will have to stomp flying enemies to extend your jump enough to get to the next platform.

BTW,is douple posting allowed in this thread?


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LuigiNo.1 said:
BTW,is douple posting allowed in this thread?
Double posting is discouraged in all threads.

Anyway, another minigame idea

Nice to Sea You
2 vs 2
You are in the ocean and you must control a boat with a pal. The partner does the accelerating, you do the steering. All you have to do is race to the finish line while avoiding obstacles. You can press and hold B to speed up, but you lose control.


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Shooting Star Rain
Star Game,2 Phases
Phase 1:
Grab as many shooting stars as you can in 2:00

Control Pad/Control Stick:Move

Tip:See the shadows to have an accurate idea of where shooting stars will land.

Phase 2:
Hit all targets possible with you shooting stars as ammo in 2:00.

Aim at the Screen:Aim

Tip:A fast way to reload is to continously press B

Fiery Survivors

4 Player

You have been burned,but if you fall into the water you lose.Last one standing wins

Control Pad/Stick:Tilt

Tip:You are ALWAYS moving,so focus in which direction you will move or you will fall into the water.
Whoever has the highest score wins a star.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
I have some minigame ideas. All are taken from another game.

Paint Attack! (Origin: Graffiti Runner from Mario Super Sluggers)
Type: Free For All, 2 vs 2 and Duel.

Object: Everybody has a paintbrush and they must paint the most area.
Tips: Painting a circle and jumping in the middle will fill up the whole square.
Control Style: Wii Remote sideways.
Controls: Control Pad to move, 1 to dash and 2 to jump.

Players vs Zombies (Origin: Zombie Tag from Wii Party)
Type: 1 vs 3

Object: Three players have turned into zombies and they must catch the fourth. The one alone must survive for 30 seconds.
Tips for the solo player: You are faster than the three zombies combined, so don't get cornered.
Tips for the team of three: The solo player is faster than the three of you put together, so corner them!
Control Style for both teams: Wii Remote sideways.
Controls for both teams: Control Pad to move.

Spinning Confusion (Origin: Spin Doctor from Mario Party 7)
Type: Duel

Object: Run to the goal by going through several spinning checkpoints.
Tips: Slow and steady! Watch which way the check points move before you enter one.
Control Style: Wii Remote sideways.
Controls: Control Pad to move.
Notes: Exactly the same as Spin Doctor, except that Spin Doctor split up the screen vertically. This minigame splits up the screen horizontally.


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Keep it Up

1 vs 3

The team of 3 has to keep a beach ball away from the one person.

Solo tip: Try shadowing the partyer that isn't good at this mini game.

Team Tip: Jump on teamate's heads to get the ball extra high.

Controls: Like NSMBW, except that you can't ground pound.