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Luigi. He's the best.

I think I've seen one of these before, Mario Party 2 if I remember correctly.

This makes me want to play Mario Party 3 again.


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What the hell...?
That is so unlikely... but it happened...
Actually, with the Falling Blocks game, I've done that often on MPDS...


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I wonder how many different times he had to play the game to pull that off.


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I personally think Mario Party 3 is the KING of the Mario Party Series, and...WTF? :yoshi:


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Christian Brutal Sniper said:
I love how they win by doing nothing, Why don't we have a Wario loses for trying really hard.


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What are the odds of the player winning by doing nothing? One would think that it's quite low, but I guess that video can say otherwise. Too bad that Mario Party 3 was never made into a Virtual Console title.


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I remember playing that game. I was Wario, trying to make him lose. Since the emulator messed up the picture, I had to choose at random. So a second passed, and I chose a random one. And I won. That was so hilarious, I decided to let him go.


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I think the characters could say things other than "I'm the Best"
When i played this game for the first time, Mario, Luigi and Peach won "Hide 'n' Sneak", and then...
''I'm The Best'' "I'm The Best" "I'm The Best"... ¬_¬

Waluigi could say "Waluigi Number One"...That would be cooler :yoshi: