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Jake is an upcoming Fanfiction Userpedia series I will write on my free time and when I'm bored and stuff. It will contain a collection of short stories, starring my UP Dog, Jake, along with me and my siblings.. There aren't any sign-ups, this story is invite exclusive. So stay tuned for information and more stories.

Confirmed Characters the book titled "Jake":
1. Jake
2. New Super Mario
3. BBY
4. Home-Dawg

Jake's Friends:
-Sheriff the German Shepard
-Muffins the Pug
-Pancake the Beagle
-Patches the Cat

And you thought I was done with making any more Userpedia fanfics.......

Link to page:

Link said:
Remember Im a fangirl :P.
lol. Also Book info:

1. NSM and Jake throw two parties, but there are a few unexpected visitors
2. Confirmed roles are: Headless Horseman and Werewolf (No users for these)
3. Confirmed that there will be 7 other user roles, to be at NSM's Party. (If I invite you via PM, you can choose what you dress up as)
4. Confirmed that more Dogs will appear as Jake's Friends. (One Confirmed: Sheriff the German Shepard)
Alright SuperMario25 is added, and will be dressed as......

Tanooki Mario!


Lily is added and is going as.....

Noodle from Gorillaz!
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