The collection of Mario Kart Wii pics


Here are all the mario kart wii screenshots i know of..enjoy:D





Yea, they do, and wtf, why did that other dude, say Uh...what????

What do you mean what???I posted all the pics of mario kart wii thats what..-.-
Uh, yeah, see, these are all on the Mario Wiki. Which we could easily go to before we even get here.
Smiddle: DK Mountain, I believe.
PaperStriker: That course sucks.
Yes, I did. I'm giving my opinion on the course.
PaperStriker said:
WTF? The L on Luigi's car is backwards!
these are all on mariowiki??I looked mario kart wii up on here, and only half of these came, up im sorry i started this thread :(
What really sucks is Nintendo hasn released much information or screenshots on this game at all, its not like its not going to be released soon, it will be out soon after SSBB is released, and we barely have any info/screenshots!! :eek:
Hey Waluigi. I agree, Nintendo is starving us of information, and it's starting to piss me off. :evil: At least Galaxy and MASATOG will keep me company until they give out more info.
The graphics is MKDD like
...What? Yes they are.
PaperStriker said:
Dodoman said:
...What? Yes they are.
And they're still better than in MKDD.
Duh. They're supposed to be better.

They're a little blocky... but that's how it is with all Mario Karts.
You are most definitely wrong, im sorry, but i know for a fact that no screenshots are the real graphics, of any game, didnt you guys no that when you saw the super mario galaxy pics and then played the game in real life and saw the graphics were much better? Fact: One of the last things game making companies do is polish up the graphics before boxing up and selling the game :wink: so dont worry, they will get better its just a working progress.
Exactly, thank you, Waluigi. By the way, off topic: Are the MKW Forums not working for you, either?