Why is everyone attracted to Mario?


Especially in the Paper Mario games. Peach is obvious, but at this point we have pretty much every female partner. He's relatively short, somewhat overweight, has a massive nose and head, and...it's the mustache, isn't it...
Well, the mustache is one thing, but it's also because he's a hero and he's willing to help them.

Protecting Goombella from Crump and the X-Nauts.

Finding Flurry's necklace.

Finding the Superbombomb for Vivian and cheering her up when she discovered the bomb was broken even though he had way bigger problems at the time, (trying to get his identity back from Doopliss), he puts other people ahead of himself.

As for Ms. Mowz, yeah, I'd say it's the mustache.
The whole thing of girls being attracted to Mario is sort of a recurring joke.
You know, Paper Mario is like the only series I see this happening. In the mainstream games, Peach is the only attracted to him, and I don't see any romance in the Mario & Luigi series.
Maybe it's the Italian accent? Or the athletic ability? His eyes are a nice color.
Snowstalker said:
...it's the mustache, isn't it...

I thought the same thing when the lovestruck Boos chase Boo Mario in SMG.
Women love a man in uniform.

It's Peach who really is attracted to him. Pauline thinks she is but she isn't.
Well, Luigi did get a brand-new, not-haunted mansion. Which makes it evern stranger why Luigi still lives with Mario and why their house in both Paper Mario and Superstar Saga is so small.
I think that all the Paper Mario's and M&L:SSS all took place before Luigi's Mansion since Luigi lived with Mario in them and didn't move out until he found out he won a competition that he never entered.
Mario is practically the most famous video game character out there. Even more famous than any other character that I can think up.
How many chicks has mario got
yep 4.
I could count Sonic's as well and he is a cocky, non-swimmer, super hyped douchebag.
*joke start*

Chicks? I don't recall Mario owning a farm filled with chickens.

*joke end*