New Super Mario Bros. 2: Return to Subcon


Who's up for a game that has our heroes return to Subcon? Where they must fight Wart, Birdo (who's been brainwashed by Wart, but is not actually evil), Mouser, Tryclide, Clawgrip, and all of the villains from Super Mario Bros. 2? (plus more). Where you can once again play as Peach without any of those weird vibes? Where you can pluch veggies in a four-player level local and/or online? This is my view for New Super Mario Bros. 2: Return to Subcon. Who's digging it?


I don't have an account there, and I'm not planning on setting one up just for one thread. I just wanted to throw this idea out there, and since I already have an account here....

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I'd definitely would like to see this happen. This game is extremely under appreciated and a sequel would be great. Subcon is a diverse world as well. I hope the original four playable characters return in this game if it does happen.


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I'll be honest, I'm neutral about this.

If they were to make the game though, they might as well add more characters. I guess Wario or Toadette or something.


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I think this should go ahead since SMB2 was very underrated and they should be loads of worlds. I hope there is not two worlds that have the same theme this time.


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I would so love another Super Mario Bros. 2 styled game.