Your favorite strategy game

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
C'mon, I can't be the only person here who likes to play them! Post your favorites.

My current favorite: Supreme Commander

I also have played Age of Empires 2, Empire at War, and Warcraft III. All great games.
There are none, to my knowledge. Edo made a Fake Games article in The 'Shroom about one but that's actually the closest thing to a Nintendo strategy game.
Never really got into strategy myself but I've had a lot of fun with Empire Earth.
I love Starcraft, but I always play with cheats on :-\
No, Starcraft is a real time strategy game, World of Warcraft is an Mass Multiplayer Online RPG. But both games were developed by the same company, Blizzard.
My current favorite: Supreme Commander

ooooh, you have good tastes.

(incidentally, I really need to get Forged Alliances one of those day. and the Total Annihilation pack on GOG.)

A close second is Warzone 2100. It's an excellent little game whose main hook is that you can create your own units by mix-and-matching from several parts (weapons, chassis, gears ect). It was made freeware in 2004 so it's 100% legally free to download and it's still patched and expanded on by a group of die-hard fans.
Glowsquid said:
My current favorite: Supreme Commander
ooooh, you have good tastes.
Thanks. It's unfortunately rather rare to find someone else who knows about it. People don't know what's good anymore...

I was actually a beta tester for Age of Empires Online, it sounds a bit similiar to Warzone in that you can customize your units. Plus, it was produced by Gas Powered Games, who produced Supreme Commander, so it was pretty much guaranteed to be good. For some reason I haven't gotten back into playing that one.
arachnidsGrip said:
NintendoQueen814 said:
I know this is going to sound stupid, but what are some examples of some Nintendo strategy games?
Fire Emblem anyone?
Wow. I completely forgot that, even though it's one of my favorites. Though it isn't strictly an RTS and it's also an RPG, I think it still qualifies.