What forums are you a member of?


Donkey Kong
Just another quick little question thing. I'm a member of here (obviously), the Rock Band forums, and the Userpedia forums, iirc. I also used to be a member of the Tv.com forums.


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UP Forums
Fantendo Forums
MCD's forums.

That's all I can think of.


Seems so long ago.
This place, the DKU forum, Bulbagarden forums and the DKC Atlas forum. This place is the only one I'm active on, but I may visit the rest once in a while.

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I'm a former Smashboards member and nowadays I don't go too active in other forums besides Equestria Forums and here.

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Here, Userpedia and GTS+ (just for GPX+).


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Here and GameFAQs. Though I don't go to GameFAQs to post anymore.


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DSHack Forums, GamesPress Forums, SpeedDemoArchives, Gathering of Tweakers, and MarioWiki Forums.
I'm actually on a lot more, but I've only asked one or two questions, and left again.
If not, then I retired from there, most likely because these people were very bad.


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I used to be a member of this "Super Mario Bros. X" forum, but it shut down.

I'm going to get a Bulbagarden account extremely soon. In fact, I THINK ILL EAT IT NOW

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Olimar said:
Look in his sig. It isn't really active anyway though.
(because there's not many people there)

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I'm a member of the MW forums, UP forums (where I'm a global moderator) and Xephyr (although I'm taking an extended break from it).

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I am most active here, but I also go to the Smash Boards, Mario Party Legacy, and Bulbagarden forums.