Nintendo is not doing so well right now.


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I was looking on IGN yesterday and saw that Nintendo has lost over 300,000,000$/25.5 billion Yen, also publisher income forcast drops 82%! That's probably because the 3DS launch has not gone so well because of the current software lineup. Like many other people are saying, where are the main series games? Also they're spending even more money to make the Wii U. Nintendo needs to slow down, work on the 3DS, get the main series games, and when they get the money, and then make the Wii U. The 3DS came out half a year ago, and now the Wii U is already in pre-production! Anyway, what do you guys think about this? And if this is in the wrong board, someone can feel free to move it.


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Same thread:


It's because the 3DS was too expensive and didn't have any decent launch titles (even Ocarina took a few months to come out).

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I found Pilotwings Resort good. And Super Street Fighter IV. The rest of the launch titles didn't look like much, though.


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Snowstalker said:
It's because the 3DS was too expensive and didn't have any decent launch titles (even Ocarina took a few months to come out).
This. The 3DS has good games, there not completely done yet. I think that they should of released it a couple mounths later, that could have gotten more sales.


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Rayman 3DS also made my time too


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SUN magazine in UK hate 3DS

"Nintendo is slashing the price of its 3D console by a third – after claims it makes gamers feel dizzy and sick."


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People in my country mostly say that they won't buy a 3DS, because "it doesn't have any advantages above the DS", but I know they actually mean there are no 3DS ROMs and 3DS Flash Cards available.
I mean, since the R4DS and R4i got a huge hit in the whole Benelux, a majority people can no longer live without piracy.

Don't get me wrong, I also have 4 different types of Flash Cards for DS/DSi, and Homebrew Channel on my Wii's, but I don't use any of them for piracy.


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Freaky Fred said:
It's because they don't have any of my interest lately.

Waluigi or more DK, please.
I doubt that's the reason.

Handheld gaming will be dominated by the phone/tablet markets.


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I hope not.
I mean, in my experience, touch screen-only games don't work well.
If they do, they're all casual games.
If I really want to play a game, I want to use physical buttons.


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Well, Nintendo should be going back up soon, as they're releasing the two new Mario games and some other games. Waiting to see for a new Pokemon game.


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People on IGN are saying is that the 3DS is doomed. I thought it was a pretty cool system. I don't know why it's not selling so well other than the current software lineup (excluding OoT3D).