What Color Controllers do you have?

What color controllers do you have for your systems?

PS1: Two greys
PS2: Two blacks
Gamecube: Two silvers and a black
Wii: 4 whites

Ernest Fine

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Gamecube: Black, white, and two purples
Wii: 3 whites, but one is missing
PS2: Two blacks


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N64: Gray and Blue.
GCN: Black and Purple.
Wii 1: White and White.
Wii 2: White and White.


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NES: One has red buttons and one has yellow buttons
SNES: They're both the normal gray ones
N64: Two silver, one purple (you can see through it), and one blue (which you can also see through)
GCN: Two black, and a wireless one that is silver (and I don't think it's an official Nintendo controller)
Wii: Three white remotes, two white nunchucks

EDIT: Playstation: One silver controller (I don't play Playstation very often)


Shine Sprite
Gamecube: 2 Silver controllers
Wii: 2 White ones

It is sad that I don't have other colors. One of my neighbors have a clear Gamecube romote


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N64: Green, Blue, Grey, and Yellow
GCN: Two blacks, two purples, one orange, and two (new) whites. I wanted to get a platinum one, but it costs twice the amount of one white controller, so I got two white controllers.
Wii: I used to have three whites, but I dunno where the third one is, right now.

Paper Yoshi

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N64: Transparent purple and grey
Wii: White (duh)


1: Wii: 4 white, but two are rechargable; the other two use batteries.
2: PS2: 2 custom Black wireless controllers built by some company called Pelican. They feel better in your hands (or mine) than the standards.
3: Gamecube: One (yes, one) white controller with "Gamestop" stamped across it. Like the PS2 controller, this is custom: it contains a "turbo" button

Do handheld colours count? I could tell those.


Star Spirit
SNES - 2 normal controllers
N64 - Green, orange, purple, and red; all clear
GCN - Orange, purple, black, purplish clear with turbo button
Wii - 4 White

Glitchy Bowser Jr.

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GameCube: A silver and a black (the black is not made by Nintendo and has a turbo button)

Wii: 2 black, 2 white

I have a black DSi.

And a blue 3DS


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To also count handhelds:
Transparent GBC (sold; big mistake).
Blue GBA SP.
Grey DS (broken).
Black DS Lite.
Pink DS Lite.
Grey DS (Capture Device).
Black iPod Touch (was jailbroken, and almost about to sell for iPad 2).
Grey Nexus One (rooted and runs custom ROM).
2x Black 3DS (one of them will turn into a Capture Device soon).



Teal GBC
Silver and Black GBA SPs.
Blue DS lite with stickers. (Technically my brother's, but he discarded it. We share it now.)
Black DSi. (I couldn't play DS games until 2008. O_O)