Nouns of the Rainbow


Celestial Guide
Name a person, place or thing that fits into the next color of the rainbow. Here is a quick guide for you. We're working with a 6-color rainbow for the sake of evenness. Don't pick things with too many colors and quit posting images.
Rules, explanation and anti-loophole attempts follow in the spoiler tag in case you're confused.
It can be a person, place or thing, so keep in mind that characters count, places count, objects count, anything. As long as it's the next color. It can be a SHADE of the color, even a vague one. If something is "blueish green" it can count for BLUE or GREEN. Also, people with a lot of that color in their clothes count, so Luigi counts for green. Same goes for any noun dominated by one color. The only exception when naming things is not to use the color to describe it, so no "red ink" posts or anything of the like. It's okay to use the color if it's the actual name of an object (like an orange or a violet.) I guess repeats are allowed for now, but you'll obviously have to wait a whole cycle just to post the repeat. It would be a waste of time.

Here's an example:
Post 1: Mario
Post 2: Pumpkin
Post 3: Super Saiyan Hair
Post 4: Grass
Post 5: The Sea
Post 6: Tatanga
Post 7: Blood
Post 8: Cantaloupe

I'll start: Strawberries.


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A basketball.


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Mario Party X

🎊Party over here, f🎆ck you over there!!🎊

But it depends on what color of pumpkin I suppose.