Choose your own adventure! (New Super Mario Bros. style)

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
:mario: was out for a walk with :peach:. Suddenly, lightning strikes her castle and Mario goes off to help. Bowser Jr. appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Peach. Now Mario must save Peach from :bowser: once again!

Mario has two choices.

-Go straight to World 8.
-Start from World 1 and work his way up.

Mario Party X

🎊Party over here, f🎆ck you over there!!🎊
Kill Bowser's minions because it is revealed that Mario is a sadist.

Blow up the castle (Peach is still inside it) or toss Peach off a cliff?


Celestial Guide
Look for peach

Mario found her, he heads somewhere.

Go to flipside/Go to Yoshi's Island


Yoshidude is here
Watch the Yoshis.

Dry Bowser and Dry Bones rise up from the reamins of Bowser's castle and head towards Yoshi's island.

Fight them/Run?


Celestial Guide
Get a bite to eat

Bowser kidnaps peach and takes her to Sonic's World

Go to Sonic's World/Stay in Mario's World


Da f***, Rosalina?
Look for Daisy. She has heard the news about Peach and convinces Mario to go after her.

Go rescue Peach/Wander around Sarasaland


Donkey Kong
Wander around Sarasaland
Daisy saves Peach and brings her back. Except Wario's at your house and just released a mega fart, and now it's on fire.

-Kill Wario
-Call the fire brigade


Donkey Kong
Do something else

The fire brigade manages to put your house back to original condition. In the meantime, a Tanooki is offering a deal. You find Yoshi: you get 100 dollars.

- You accept the deal
- You decline it and relax in the hot springs

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
Decline. Dollars are useless in the Mario world.

The sauna is filled with Goombas. The evil kind.

Kill them/Get someone else to do it/go to another sauna


Donkey Kong
Go to another sauna.

You are relaxing with your bro Luigi and Toad. You see a really hot princess in the distance. It's not Peach or Daisy.

- Talk to her
- Go up and hug her
- Get a margarita and go back to the sauna


Celestial Guide
Talk to her.

She sends Mario to Sonic's world.

Escape Sonic's world/Or meet Sonic characters


Donkey Kong
Escape Sonic's world, I dont know what I would do there.

I find a portal that leads to Super Mario Sunshine. A Pianta greets you before you decide to enter it.

-Enter the portal
-Talk to that Tanooki you saw earlier