New Super Mario Bros DS/Wii Q&A


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You can make question for where you can find coins or something

And here is my question that you need to answer, in NSMB DS do Mario is a 3D model or sprite, I know the answer


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It's a sprite that looks like a 3D model.


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Yeah, it is shocking to be sprite and you can make your own Q&A in this thread


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Why not in this style?

Where is phone?
On the moon.

What's the reason the ball is round?
There is no reason.

Are you kidding me?
And every Q&A will be placed in the first post.
I think that would make this thread a success, as it could be a nice, central thread for all of the questions for a specific game/series.


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It may look like a 3D model but it is a well programed sprite, the Wii game also has sprites


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Wii actually uses 3D models, according to a user who rips the sprites from NSMBW from MFGG