How did you get your name?


Shine Sprite
I got mine by combing 2 awesome charecters Koopa and Yoshi
^A bit of back story wouldn't hurt.

My name is derived from Ms. Remilia Scarlet, a self-centered, childish vampire from the Touhou Project series. I figured the character befit my personality.
Point being? You could give a reason for your name choice.

Of course, it's merely a helpful suggestion.
I came up with the name of "Megamariofan" because it describes me well. The only other online account I had at that time was Webkinz, where you have to have a number at the end of your username. I thought it would be the same here and that I needed a number at the end of it. So I chose 65 because the digits are right next to each other on the keyboard and it is easy to remember (being one over 64 and all).

And then I forgot my password (I could of sworn I had written it down too), so I had to get a new username. That was when I was obsessed with M&L: BIS so that's how it became Fawfulfury65. Fawful has fury. :P
It actually has 3 origins:
Yamilla Hoshi, like my real name is.
YamiHoshi also derives from "闇" and "星", and I know Garlic, it will be read as "YamiBoshi" if they're placed together.
And we have a website, which adds ".nl" and ".tv" behind it.

Short answer: It's a shortcut from my real name, when I learned some Japanese, I gave it a meaning to it, and we made a site, using the meaning version.
I wanted something Mario-related and just did what I always do, write down 10 random letters and make a word.
Ironically, my normal username, "SolarBlaze", didn't come from the Mega Man series weapon; it's actually Sonic the Hedgehog-related. Back in 2005, before Sonic Rush was released, I assumed that Blaze the Cat's super form was going to be called "Solar Blaze", but it instead turned out to be "Burning Blaze", but I guess I wasn't too far off. It wasn't until two years later that I began using it as a screename.
I just wanted to know because Mario obbsesed fans don't usually pick names like Edo or Stooben Rooben, (No offence)
Mine is nothing more than the abbreviation of my favorite TV show ever, Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Since my screen name isn't my real nickname I will tell about the two.

DyegoHalliwell_IceMario: It's pretty explains it by itself. It's the combination through a '_' of my typical nickname, which is my name with an y intead of i, and the last name of the characters of my favorite series, and my favorite Mario transformation (ignoring the fact I love blue and light blue)

DHM13-97011: My first "coded" name. The letters DHM come from Dyego Halliwell Mebarak, which is the mentioned and the last name of Shakira. 13 it's my age, the '-' just separates it from 97011. 97 are the last two numbers of the year I was born, which is 1997. and 011 comes from 2011 to add an useless actuality touch :P
Not much of a story to my name. "Velli" is short for "Vellisia", the name of a character I came up with for a book of mine that I wrote years ago but still haven't gotten published (see the deviantART link in my sig for pictures of the character). She happens to be a dragoness (the one in my avatar, to be precise) and I happen to identify with her, so I started more or less using her name as my own. Why I tend to pick "Vellidragon" as my name rather than simply Vellisia, I really don't know; I guess I wanted it to be clear that I'm a dragon even in places where I can't use an avatar.
...Well, my Mom and Dad just gave me a name and... boom.

Way back when my username was "Super paper luigi", but someone else decided to use "Super Paper Luigi", and I didn't really want to share a nickname so I changed it to Paper Luigi DS, which changed to Master Crash. Master Crash just sounded cool.
Schmutz. It's a favorite Yiddish word of mine. I learned it from this person.

I'm a huge Super Smash Bros. fan, so that's where the Smasher came from.

As for the 101...meh, it just sounded cool.
Which name do I explain?

Garlic Man just means Wario.

Cave Johnson for Portal 2.