Yoshi's Island Giant Egg Glitch

Master Dimentio

Cheep Cheep
I found this neat little glitch in Yoshi's Island DS that allows you to have a Giant Egg. This glitch requires Baby Mario, a Superstar, and a nearby Middle Ring. While the effect of the Superstar is in effect, run into the Middle Ring. Then, should you die, you'll respawn at the Middle Ring with a Giant Egg to go along with your other eggs. The Giant Egg is heavier than any other eggs, so it can't be thrown very far and doesn't bounce.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Yes it does; reported.

Master Dimentio

Cheep Cheep
I'm sorry. I'm new here, and I wasn't sure where glitches like this would go.

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller
Is it mentioned in MarioWiki already? Because I can add there