Which Galaxy do you live in?

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This game is simple and fun. You post, and you look at the seconds of your post. Then using this list, you see which Galaxy you live in. You can try as many times as you want.

00: You pick any galaxy not on this list.
01: Throwback Galaxy
02: Melty Molten Galaxy
03: Grandmaster Galaxy
04: Sweet Sweet Galaxy
05: Supermassive Galaxy
06: Good Egg Galaxy
07: Tall Trunk Galaxy
08: Flipswitch Galaxy
09: Mario Squared Galaxy
10: Loopdeeloop Galaxy
11: Sky Station Galaxy
12: Toy Time Galaxy
13: Flip Out Galaxy
14: Gateway Galaxy
15: Space Storm Galaxy
16: Sea Slide Galaxy
17: Flip-Swap Galaxy
18: Honeyhive Galaxy
19: Wild Glide Galaxy
20: Buoy Base Galaxy
21: Flipsville Galaxy
22: Snow Cap Galaxy
23: Starshine Beach Galaxy
24: Beach Bowl Galaxy
25: Slipsand Galaxy
26: Grand Finale Galaxy
27: Flash Black Galaxy
28: Bonefin Galaxy
29: Melty Monster Galaxy
30: Sling Pod Galaxy
31: Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
32: Deep Dark Galaxy
33: Battle Belt Galaxy
34: Gold Leaf Galaxy
35: Twisty Trials Galaxy
36: Ghostly Galaxy
37: Upside Dizzy Galaxy
38: Bubble Breeze Galaxy
39: Beat Block Galaxy
40: Rolling Green Galaxy
41: Cloudy Court Galaxy
42: Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
43: Sweet Mystery Galaxy
44: Bigmouth Galaxy
45: Cosmic Cove Galaxy
46: Freezeflame Galaxy
47: Honeyhop Galaxy
48: Gusty Garden Galaxy
49: Shiverburn Galaxy
50: Drip Drop Galaxy
51: Rolling Coaster Galaxy
52: Sand Spiral Galaxy
53: Slimy Spring Galaxy
54: Hurry Scurry Galaxy
55: Honeybloom Galaxy
56: Battlerock Galaxy
57: Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
58: Dusty Dune Galaxy
59: Freezy Flake Galaxy

So the seconds of my post was 46. Freezeflame Galaxy has that number. Therefore I live in Freezeflame Galaxy.


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Throwback when I was typing this

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Milky Way

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Let me try again.

Edit: I get the wildcard!

Hightail Falls Galaxy.


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Sounds interesting.

Supermassive Galaxy

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*tries again*


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I live in....

...any galaxy not on this list. o_O

Uh, ok, I live in...Chompworks Galaxy

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*Flies to Honeyhop Galaxy*


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Wait, no, there is Goombas....
Lets try again.
Hello, Heracross!

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