Koopalings in Super Mario 3DS?


Wouldn't it be cool if the Koopalings were to appear in Super Mario 3DS? If they did, would you be psyched? :mario:


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Nothing's known about that yet.
Actually, the entire gameplay is unknown, besides of that game being a mix between SM64 and SMG, and some physics through screenshots.


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uhm? I don't know if it's ensured, or you might generally ask how will Koopalings be in all other main games

for 3D games, I think just like in Sunshine and Galaxy, they need bosses with different attacks and ways to defeat

Koopalings in traditional 2D games mainly have simple and similar attack with shell dash

only if that they change their way to attack in 3D version

I'd care more about whether Mario 3DS could play some other new thing in main story like Daisy and Toadette engage....
That'd be awesome, but it seems more Mario galaxyish and will probably have Bowser, Bowser Jr., and all these other boss people that are completely different.


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Unless the new game gives the Koopalings a more enhanced personality, I don't really want them in it. They'll just be generic bosses without personalities, and I don't want them to be like that.

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And the Koopalings are always painfully easy and unoriginal. I don't see why so many people like them.