Your favorite football team.


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Re: Your favorite soccer team.

Carabobo F.C.

and flubber this topic should be called "Your favorite soccer team." instead.

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Football is a better term for soccer. American football should be the one that is renamed.


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They fail :D

Seriously though, 'soccer' was meant as 'football' at start, but now it means American football.


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Y'know, we should stop talking like this.
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Y'know, every guy in my school says soccer. Ill have to correct them now, because next time one says "I play soccer" I will say "American Football?But this isnt America....." coz I do that. *sigh*


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My favorites are Real Madrid and Cruz Azul but I kinda like Man U. Local team is San Jose Earthquakes but the MLS sucks. I hate Barça and Club America.

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Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, from São Paulo, and Sevilla Fútbol Club, from Seville. My city's team sucks horribly.


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I came here thinking this was about American football. Oh well, I don't know about any soccer teams.