Family Guy or Simpsons?

Which is your favorite?

  • Family Guy

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • Simpsons

    Votes: 15 75.0%

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Celestial Guide
The Simpsons, hard mode: I will continue to favor them until their series ends.


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I like Family Guy better overall, but most episodes from the more recent seasons aren't as entertaining as the older seasons. :-\ Seasons 1, 2, and 3 will always be the best era of FG IMO.


Celestial Guide
Last night there was a new episode of both. I swore up and down that the new Family Guy seemed more interesting but I liked this Simpsons more (Homer was a barber.)


Celestial Guide
ToxBox said:
This episode the big bang theory is weird
The thing I found weird is that it didn't have a special Brain & Stewie intro, did it? Usually Brian & Stewie episodes do. And the whole

Spoilers: Stewie created the universe, which created him, etc causality loop

was VERY bogus, even for Family Guy IMO.


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I prefer the Simpsons, but I like both series.


Donkey Kong
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I prefer South Park to both. The Simpsons has been pretty hit-and-miss as of late and I've never liked Family Guy much.


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Family Guy is too predictable for me.

And the Simpsons can still make good episodes from good to time. Gone, Maggie, Gone was awesome.


Celestial Guide
This is a bit of a random thought, but in the recent Simpsons episode Homer Scissorhands, there was a joke that seemed REALLY Family Guy 'esque to me.

When Homer was crying, he was running while cutting things with scissors (like dog leashes) and he even destroyed a bridge by cutting its cords.

That seems like something Peter would do. Does anyone agree? I was thinking it was a subtle slam on Family Guy.


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The Simpsons are A. more suitable for kids, and B. meh, what can I say?its pretty obvisious the Simpsons are winning.

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Eh, I like the Simpsons more. Family Guy is just... stupid, no offense.