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Press Mail by Nintendo-Europe, translation by me:


Wii Play: Motion is the sequel to the popular Wii Play, which was sold more than 9 million copies in Europe. The game will become available with the red Wii Remote Plus, dat let you and your friends control the action with totally new and precise movements.

The Wii Remote Plus combines the original Wii Remote with the accuracy of the Wii MotionPlus accessory. With 12 games and the precise controller, Wii Play: Motion offers a lot of gaming fun where players of all ages can enjoy directly.

The 12 minigames place your personal Mii-character in surprising and challenging situations. In the minigame Wind Runner, your Mii-character will carry roller skates and an umbrella, for example. You can use the Wii Remote Plus open up your umbrella and aim with it, so the wind will blow your Mii-character through the race track. By aiming your Wii Remote Plus strategically to some corners, your Mii-character will change direction, jump, and accelerate. That way you need to avoid obstacles as soon as possible to reach the finish.

Thanks to the extra accuracy of the Wii Remote Plus, you see every swing, spin, and hit you make with it, exactly on your TV screen. You go through 12 minigames with different game modes for many variable challenges. In Treasure Twirl you use your Wii Remote Plus as a “winch” to take everything from the bottom of the sea, while in Cone Zone, you have to hold your Wii Remote Plus in the exact position to balans out ice cream on a enormous horn. Everyone will taste this and other original tasks!

You can play the 12 minigames all alone, but you can also play together with friends and family. Wii Play: Motion includes various games modes for a maximum of four players at the same time, where every game will be different. In the minigame Skip Skimmer, for example, where you have to throw rocks across the lake, four players can try to throw rocks through many rings to get the highest score. Also, in this game, it’s important to aim the Wii Remote Plus exactly to the right corner.

In Spooky Search, you can work together with a maximum of 3 friends to catch ghosts, that came out of the TV in your living room. You have to listen through the speaker of the Wii Remote Plus to find ghosts before it’s to late. You don’t point your Wii Remote Plus to the TV, but to the entire living room – also above and behind you – until you’ve found a ghost, you can can ‘catch’ it and ‘drag’ it to your TV.

Enjoy the precise controls of the Wii Remote Plus in the original and entertaining minigames of Wii Play: Motion. This game will be launched on June 24th, 2011 in Europe, exclusively for Wii.
How many of these cruddy Wii games will they shell out?
I don't know, but as long as they keep selling, they won't stop.
Just read that the only Europe is getting the red Wii Remote Plus with the game. America is getting the black one instead.
Didn't know that, until I checked Nintendo of America's Press Site, and you're even right (warning, huge image):
Anonymous said:
I don't know, but as long as they keep selling, they won't stop.

Ugh. I dislike those Wii *insert title* games.
I know that.
Spooky Search sounds challenging.
Honestly, I want more Mario spinoffs. I play them more than the mainstream ones anyway. The spinoffs have more depth than the Wii ____ games.