Baby Bowser/ Bowser Jr


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Why people sometimes mistake for Bowser Jr as Baby Bowser

Bowser Jr have bib with fangs on it also i think bowser jr is growing up to have eyes as bowser and koopalings soon or not


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The way Baby Bowser was designed in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (with his bib being similar to that of Bowser Jr.'s Shadow Mario mask, and him just looking strikingly alike to his future son) confuses people, I'd say. I think both of them are in that game too, so that doesn't help either.


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Maybe there is a baby bowser and bowser jr in next spinoff and people will thought there is 2 bowsers


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Well, not only Partner's In Time gave him a bandanna like Bowser Jr., he also received Bowser Jr's voice, which led to even more confusion.